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Some of the buttons are microscopic (take for example moving your favorites up and down the list) – and you have to chase that nano-size icon down the screen as you move your bookmark. With that said, removing and adding widgets comes easily, and some of the backgrounds are nice.Rating: Bookmarking is not easy, it’s like it was never designed for it. Well, you didn’t really expect anything other than Bing…There is no excuse for intrusive ads, banners, or overlayed crap of any kind. So using bookmarks & search should be very simple and easy. If it isn’t, you shouldn’t trust the start page you’re using. If you’ve got an ideal start page, you want it everywhere: easy & fast.Your bookmarks are your bookmarks – this is your web, your stuff. Widgets and gadgets are nice, but they also have to be well supported, high-quality, and easy to implement. You will definitely use more than one device to access the internet in your lifetime, probably you’re using more than one device at this very moment!Updated: January 2016 I’ve gotten some complaints about making people scroll too much…So if you’re just here to find out “Who’s the best? We’ve asked around, we’ve searched, we looked, reviewed, and studied: we have our top 10.

Takes a couple of seconds to load the bookmarklet, though. I originally gave them 1 out of 10, but now that several widgets are already up and more are coming, I have to give them a higher score.So without further introduction, we present our CRITERIA: There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that is more important than performance. A start page is something you use every single day, in every browsing session.If it’s slow, it will affect you, bug you, and disrupt your browsing experience, whether it be work or play.This delay is no longer than the loading delay in other websites.Rating: Import options are right there, but could use some added support (Couldn’t import my i Google XML easily).

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