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An Indian who switched sides and rode with Hays and his men called the young Ranger captain "brave too much".

Hays' bravado was too much for many a hostile Indian or outlaw.

In May, while Austin was in Mexico City, his lieutenant, Moses Morrison, used this authority to assemble a company of men to protect the Texas coast from the Tonkawa and Karankawa Indians.

After returning to Texas in August of 1823, Austin asked for additional ten men to supplement Morrison's company.

In dealing with persons deemed a threat to Texas, Hays helped establish another Ranger tradition--toughness mixed with a reliance on the latest in technology.

No longer would his men have to pause in battle to reload single-shot pistols and rifles while the Indians continued firing arrows.The term "Texas Ranger" did not appear officially in a piece of legislation until 1874.During Austin's day, companies of men volunteered and disbanded as needed. The official records show that these companies were called by many names: ranging companies, mounted gunmen, mounted volunteers, minutemen, spies, scouts and mounted rifle companies.When communicating with the commanders of his Hispanic ranging companies, Austin, who was fluent in Spanish, called them the milicia nacional (national militia) after Spanish and Mexican militia regulations dating back to 1713. Early Rangers were required to provide their own horses and equipment.By whatever name they were known, these units performed the same ranging service. They fought battles in which they were often outnumbered by as much as 50-to-1, so it was common for each man to carry multiple pistols, rifles and knives.

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