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The Sosúa’s Jewish community experienced a deep decline in the 1980s due to emigration during the touristic boom of Sosúa when most Jews sold their land to developers at exorbitant prices. The number of known Jews (or those with genetic proof of Jewish ancestry and/or practiced Jewish customs/religion throughout generations) are close to 3,000; the exact number of Dominicans with Jewish lineages aren't known, however, because of intermarriage between the Jews and Dominicans over a period of more than five centuries.The current population of known Jews in the Dominican Republic is close to 3,000, with the majority living in the capital, Santo Domingo, and others residing in Sosúa.This is a great advantage but it may turn out to be a disadvantage as well: some guys get carried away with the possibilities and become what can be called "greedy": they try to get the woman that is perfect in every way, and the younger the better.- think what will happen once she is married to you, a few years down the line.The Chabad outreach center [4] focuses on assisting the local Jewish population reconnect with their Jewish roots and (because Chabad is of the Chassidic Jewish tradition) it is a source for traditional Judaism in the Dominican Republic.In Sosua, there is a small Jewish Museum next to the synagogue.His travels eventually took him to the Dominican Republic, where he organized a congregation in Santo Domingo (Ciudad Trujillo) and began researching the history of Jews in the country.

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Beth Midrash Eleazar [3], the Sephardic Educational Center, caters to those Jews who are descendents of the Sephardic Jews that migrated to Hispaniola in colonial times and later.The Dominican Republic was one of the very few countries willing to accept mass Jewish immigration during World War II.At the Évian Conference, it offered to accept up to 100,000 Jewish refugees.Some Dominican Jews have also made aliyah to Israel.There are three synagogues and one Sephardic Jewish Educational Center.

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