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A publisher membership allows you to collect the publisher share of a song's performance royalties.

Applications for ASCAP writer and publisher memberships can be obtained on our website ( by clicking the "join" button.

As in the case of writers, a newly elected publisher member can receive royalties for surveyed performances that took place in the performance period covered in the distribution quarter in which the publisher is elected.

For publishers, there is a time lag of approximately six (6) months between performance and royalty processing.

this will display a link for the writer and publisher applications. You can only belong to one society at a time as a writer for licensing public performances in the United States; however, you can be a publisher at multiple societies.

You can transfer as a writer to ASCAP from your current society, but you will need to contact your current society to obtain the appropriate information to make the switch.

If you need additional assistance, please log onto your Member Access account and submit a Member Service Inquiry.As a newly elected writer member, you can receive royalties for surveyed performances that took place in the performance period covered by the distribution quarter in which you are elected.For writers, there is a time lag of approximately seven (7) to eight (8) months between performances and royalty processing.Each member of the group must complete a separate writer application and each member of the group must meet the eligibility criteria.It is recommended that each member apply for a separate publisher membership; however, only one application needs to be submitted if the group chooses to join as a collective publisher member.

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