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Micra MC is a growing network with branches such as Micra EQ, a horse server with a twist and Micra ARC, an arcade server.

Micra MC is continuing to grow and as the server is new, any suggestions are made to improve the gameplay. ##Pokefreaks is a network of servers built by players for players!

De bedoeling is om een baan te vinden, een huisje te kopen en vervolgens uitbouwen tot een van de rijkste spelers van de server. This modpack does just that by turning villagers from squidwards into humans. Naughtycraft Creative Minecraft Server: You can claim land on the server and build anywhere you want. We have no banned items, giving you full choice over what you want to do with your modded Minecraft experience! I don't feel like filling this with a bunch of nonsense so basically uh, if you feel like my server may be right for you, feel free to join.

The server offers endless possibilities for whatever it is the player decide.

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I was quite pleased with attention to detail and to the customer personally I got from Flash Coms staff.

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