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However, beginning in the early ’60s, Martin has launched periodic forays into the electric guitar marketplace with some very interesting, if commercially unsuccessful, results (which explains why the Martin name doesn’t come immediately to mind).

Most coverage of the Martin brand is focused, quite rightly, on their substantial acoustic achievements.

Mention the subject of American acoustic guitars and one of the first names that will undoubtedly pop into your head will be C. The term “electrics” is not meant to include the company’s many fine acoustic-electric guitars, many sporting top-notch electronics (which ultimately remain acoustic beasts), but rather electric guitars meant for country chicken pickin’ or raunchy rock and roll.

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Mike Longworth also records at least three 12-string versions of the GT-75 (#218391, #218405, #218411).

This had a trapeze tailpiece with a sort of Cabinet of Dr. This was finished in a brown to yellow two-tone sunburst. 1,165 F-50s were built from the middle of 1962 to the spring of 1965. Some 1,700 F-55s were made from mid-’62 to the summer of 1965.

The F-55 was identical to the F-50 except for the addition of a bridge De Armond humbucker, plus the attendant three-way toggle on the cutaway horn and a second set of volume and tone knobs flanking the treble f-hole. The F-65 was the top of the line with two equal cutaways.

Longworth’s book chronicles the company’s history in very personal terms and provides wonderfully rich detail about Martin’s many guitars through the ages.

It should be an essential part of any Martin lover’s library.

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