White collar girl dating blue collar guy

Mary Ellen had purchased this home because of its great size, secluded location, and it’s reasonable price. The exception to this was the huge, four car, attached garage and storage area.

In her opinion it was “hideous.” They had decided to design an area where they and their friends could come to relax, chat, have coffee or tea, and be pampered by none other then me.

They would also be free from the bustle of a busy salon. I’m jealous.” Another short pause and, “ Reddish blonde? I’d say really tight skirts would be in order too.

The room was elegantly furnished, had a sitting area, a sauna, hot tub, lounge, and a dressing and change room. She’s going to look so good, typing up your invoices for you, regardless, Michele.

I was in the process of giving Virginia Wilson a comb out. She was a firm believer in administering hairbrush spankings. I began to answer her just before she started applying my lipstick, a Pink Frost shade by Sally Chanson. I’ll not have you being some sort of sissy cross dresser ruining our marriage. My wife’s change of attitude, from laughing at me, to understanding, concerned, supportive spouse, had loosened me up quite a bit. I was very popular at my sister’s slumber parties. Lying on the floor, my hands tied behind my back, ankles tied together and attached to the one leg of the four poster bed, I realized how absolutely helpless I was.

Want to make Marie proud, and Phyllis happy tonight? Before she’d let me be her Celeste though she sent me to the bathroom.

The childhood dressing had haunted me for some time. When my hair got long enough, I was taught to roll it up tightly. It’s complicated, but women like Phyllis and Mary can be very precise with their “girl’s” appearance. Phyllis came through the door in full riding regalia.

I also, somehow believed, that this little discussion might prove to be therapeutic. She was wearing what I now know to be called, a French, informal dinner serving uniform. The uniform can also be worn afternoons for more formal teas. When I give it to you, you won’t know what’s happening.” I was naked, looking at my hairless body and painted toenails, thinking that this had gone far enough.

I’ve made up my mind.” she said emphatically.“ Now as for tonight, I think I’ll ‘walk on the wild side’ and enjoy this ‘new you’. You smell pretty, you’re submissively girlish, your dressed pretty, and you look a little scared. ” she asked, peering into my eyes.“ Bingo, Terri! Even left me there that morning, the “ravaged woman”.

Not as lovers, Terri, and we women can get very, very lonely. What am I, your dear wife Phyllis, Trying to tell you? Perfume, filmy nightgown, panties, heels, curled hair, full make up. Made love to me the way one make’s love to a new bride.

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