Who is frankie from the hills dating Russiangirlsex

As soon as they sit down, Spencer rips into them for being so late.

Then, he proposes a toast to meeting Stephanie's "first real boyfriend." As if that's not embarrassing enough, Spencer starts to grill Cameron.

Stephanie says she's scared that Spencer will be mean to Cameron, but she reluctantly agrees.

While having dinner on a patio in Cabo, Audrina shows off a flower in her hair.

After deciding to celebrate Brody's birthday in style, The Hills gang piles onto a private plane heading to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

until it's revealed that Audrina and Justin are sharing a room.At the same time in The Hills, Stephanie confronts Spencer about his bad behavior the night before.He claims he was just reacting to them being so late.She demands it back but he just taunts her with it.When he swims over to give her a hard time, she walks away and flips him off.

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