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Season 6, Episode 2September 11, 2000Moesha returns from New York with a secret that she wants to keep from her parents, while Hakeem and Niecy attempt to make amends with her. Season 6, Episode 1September 4, 2000Moesha prolongs her stay in New York with Q (Fredro Starr), while Niecy and Hakeem wonder where they stand with her; and Dorian (Ray J. The series spawned `The Parkers,' a 1999 spin-off for Moesha's best friend, Kim. Season 6, Episode 22May 14, 2001Lil' Kim guest stars as the girlfriend of Dorian's prison buddy, who is trying get a piece of his band's profits. Season 6, Episode 14February 12, 2001Moesha and Dorian uncover some promising leads in the search for his mother. Season 6, Episode 13February 5, 2001Moesha lands herself in hot water when she critiques a poet at “Poetry Night at the Pendulum.” Rapper Medusa guest stars as Lady Lunatic. Season 6, Episode 15February 19, 2001Dorian volunteers to baby-sit his brother and sister, but discovers that they are more than a handful.

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Rapper Lil' Bow Wow guest stars as Dorian's brother Ray.

Season 6, Episode 18March 12, 2001Mo and Hakeem must help a troubled student who is contemplating suicide.

Season 6, Episode 17March 5, 2001A class that calls on Moesha, Hakeem and company to examine gender roles in marriage leads to a disturbing experience for Mo.

A., dealing with issues like dating dilemmas and family feuds. Season 6, Episode 21May 7, 2001Dorian causes a stir by leaving his graduation party early to attend a performance by his rap group.

The star, Brandy, is a Grammy-winning, platinum-selling recording artist.

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