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Polly does a great job of realistically showing Amy's struggle to reinvent herself as a mother, but still a women with a life (complete with a decent figure, pride, an enviable wardrobe, and a social life).

She also adroitly shows how Amy has been influenced by her parent's divorce when she was a school age child.

Recommended for those who like lighter reads that still have great dialogue and a good story arc.

This was a good book, it had humour and it had something that everyone can relate to, whether it being a new mum or not being happy with your image or lifestyle and wanting to change who you are.

La protagonista, Amy Crane, è una rampante professionista di Londra, sempre vestita in modo professionale, con i tacchi alti, un lavoro fagocitante pieno di scadenze, stress e orari impossibili da gestire.

Ma non è questa Amy Crane quella che accoglie il Questo romanzo me l’aspettavo proprio diverso, e invece ho goduto di un’incredibile sorpresa.

Non è per niente frivolo o spumeggiante come la copertina starebbe a suggerire, anzi!

Ho trovato questa storia molto malinconica, profonda e introspettiva.

why didn't the friend with fertility troubles think about adopting? Amy tries to adjust to the challenges of new motherhood while getting her pre-mommy body back and keeping her relationship in tact. Trying to maintain the status quo and ignoring her own fears and feelings.I feel that the majority of people in my generation have divorced parents (myself included--I was 6), and we are now carving our own path as adults learning to love without a blueprint from our parents to guide us. After all, there are no perfect people, and there are no fairytale endings.All we can do is be kind to each other, communicate as best we can, and fight for those we hold dear. Never forget to laugh :)Given 3.5 stars or "Very Good".Ma non è questa Amy Crane quella che accoglie il lettore, no.Quella Amy Crane è la vecchia protagonista, quella non ancora incinta di otto mesi.

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